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Simple Steam Steamer EZ5 Steamer


This revolutionary counter steamer has no boiler which means no boiler de-liming. And since heating elements never come in contact with water, heating element life is greatly extended.

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Steam is generated as required by the product being cooked, which greatly reduces water usage to about 1/2 gallon per hour on the EZ-3! Reduced water means reduced mineral deposits, plus utility savings.


With the Simple Steam, no drain line or water line connection is required - the only utility needed is electrical. Water is manually added by the operator when the "Low Water Light" illuminates, approximately every 6 hours! Water empties into a drain pan, or can empty into a floor or other drain.

With no boiler to delime and no immersed heating elements, maintenance is reduced to simply wiping out the interior at the end of each day.

Simple Installation
The EZ-3 and EZ-5 only require an electrical connection - no water or drain connection is required. In most installations, only 30A service is required (EZ-3).

Simple Steam Operation
Simply turn the lever to the ON position and add water. Water can be added in the steamer cabinet or through a trough above the door. Later in the day, if the low water light is illuminated, add water through the trough or the cabinet. Turn the lever to the OFF position at the end of the day, wipe the unit clean, and empty the drain pan.

Stacking Options
With an optional stand, the Simple Steam models can be stacked two high. Or one or two steamers can be stacked with the Marathoner Gold convection oven for the Gold Steam system.


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Removable pan slides for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty, cast, stainless steel door latch
  • 60 minute timer (does not affect operation of steamer)
  • No hood required
  • No element de-liming
  • Zero side clearance required
  • 9 minutes to heat from cold start to steam
  • Door can be opened to check food any time
  • Space-saving 16" width
  • Field-reversible door
  • No water treatment required
  • 24-7 Warranty
UL Certified

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72" Ultimate Range Now Available!!!

Standard features

  • Restaurant range 73" wide with a 37" high cooking top
  • (2) Front located, manual, gas shut-off valves for each side of the range
  • Battery spark ignition for oven bases

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